Picture Name Atk Type Hunt PvP Raid Notes
70px-Frey thumb.jpg
Frey Magic A B+ A Healer than does a great amount of work. But her 3rd skill though...
70px-Kaulah thumb.jpg
Kaulah Magic A+ B A+ Damage buff, attack speed buff, and crit rate buff after enhancing his skills.
70px-Rephy thumb.jpg
Rephy Magic A+ A+ A Increasing Magic defense, and removes harmful effects. Can counter AoE skills in the Arena.
70px-Baudouin thumb.jpg
Baudouin Magic B S S Invincibility with 0 mana cost makes him stay in the Arena and Raid top tier, even with low healing and damage.
70px-Leo thumb.jpg
Leo Magic B+ A+ A Most bugged character currently.
sad Laias Magic
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