Picture Name Star Atk Type Hunt PvP Raid Notes
70px-Clause thumb.jpg
Clause ** Phys. B+ B+ B Free tank you get after clearing Ch. 1 Normal. Is focused on Physical defense. Overall not bad, decent tank.
70px-Demia thumb.jpg
Demia ** Phys. A A B Raises team's physical defense. Her first skill pulls enemy that's behind their tank - is very good in Arena. Better version of Clause.
70px-Phillop thumb.jpg
Phillop *** Phys. A+ A+ A THE best tank for Phys. Attack team.
70px-Morrah thumb.jpg
Morrah *** Magic B+ B A Is good at Magic defense, but the monsters are usually Physical damage. Has really weak CC skill. The biggest problem is she has lots of damage related skills for a tank.
70px-Jane thumb.jpg
Jane *** Magic A S A If Phillop is for a Phys. attack team, Jane is for a Magic attack team. One of the OP characters in the Arena after the buff.
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