Menu to visit Inn[edit | edit source]

We can recruit new Hero at Inn for free same as buying in the Special Shop, It will save you rubies. To recruit new hero, you need to visit inn every day to increase relationship with the hero. This system will take some time. You can get new hero around 17 days per 1 hero. The hero will not leave the inn until you fill up the relationship bar or end the relationship. If you choose to not start a relationship with the hero currently at the inn, a new one will come the next day.

Hero's Inn.jpg

Visit the Inn[edit | edit source]

  • At first time we’ll meet with new hero by random (except new hero)
  • If you would to recruit that hero, press at “Start Relationship” button
  • But, if you press “End Relationship” the hero that you start relationship with will disappeared, and you wil need to wait until next time for other hero.
  • You can met new hero after server reset time (Except hero that your already start relationship)
  • List of Hero Available in inn : Jane, Pavel, Reina, Phillop, Lakrak, Selene, Maria, Miruru, Demia, Naila, Morrah, Baudouin, Dimael, Rodina, Kaulah, Rephy, Gau, Epis, Lorraine

Star relationship[edit | edit source]

Visit inn.jpg

When you start a relationship, 3 button will appear on the right side.

  • Greet : No cost
  • Start Conversation : Spend 160 Friendship Points
  • Send Gift : Spend 40,000 Gold
  • When relationship reach 100% hero will join your team, and we can start new relationship with new hero.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Inn shop.jpg

  • Can purchase item at Inn by using Amity Point (Heart Icon)
  • Item can purchase by use Friendship Points only
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